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"Keystone technology on which to build!"




Sales of functionalized
Plastic films and sheets


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Fonctonnalisation de surface

Custom Production

  • Our MOLECULAR COATINGS and ATOMIC GRAFTING plasma treatments confer to the plastic surfaces specific and permanent
    properties like adhesion, release, anti-fog, water or oil repellency.


  • The following scheme is an illustration of correlation between Surface properties, applications and markets for BOPET films and sheets.

  • Tailored surface characteristics for your films and sheets

    1. Wide range of Surface Energies: from 10 to 72 mN/m

    2. Large interval of wetting allowing use of inks and coatings bearing polar and non-polar resins

    Adhesion with surfaces at 20 mN/m surface energy is now possible!


  • Tailored surface chemistry allowing :

    1. Multi-purpose improved adhesion

    2. High performance adhesion

    3. Tailored release

    4. Hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces

    5. Adjustable coeeficient of friction

    6. Thermo-sealing

    Stock of flexible films and sheets :

    1. Polyesters: BOPET, PETG, APET

       2. Polypropylenes: BOPP, CPP

       3. Polyamides : BOPA

       4. Halogenated Polyolefins: PVC, PVF, PVDF, ETFE…

       5. Technical films and sheets: PI, PMMA, PC, PU and more…

       Films and sheets Properties

       1. 10 to 250 µm thickness (thicker substrates are possible upon demand)

       2. Transparent, white opaque, glossy, mate

       3. Thermo-stabilized (upon demand)

  • Stock de Films et Feuilles flexibles de :

    • Polyesters : BOPET, PETG, APET

    • Polypropylenes : BOPP, CPP

    • Polyamides : BOPA

    • Polyoléfines Halogénés : PVC, PVF, PVDF, ETFE etc.

    • Films Techniques: PI, PMMA, PC, PU etc.

Equipement sur mesure

Tailor-made Equipement

Roll to Roll (R2R), PLUG and PLAY equipment for surface functionalization, including :

1. A Plasma Station operating at atmospheric pressure under controlled atmosphere, with electrodes width ranging from 500mm to 3 600mm at speed varying from 20 to 300 m/min (for higher speeds, please, consult us)

2. A series of Gas Mixing Cabinets allowing to supply the electrodes with the active gas mixture and the inlet and outlet knives with nitrogen. The latter remove the air boundary layer from top side of the film before entering the plasma zone in one part and prevent external air ingress in the same zone when the machine is in operation.

3. An Organic Liquid Vaporizing Cabinet serving to vaporize the chemical precursor before mixing with working gases and injecting into the plasma. The organic precursor vapors polymerize and create a thin layer of the travelling film.


4. An Oxygen Analysis Cabinet necessary for controlling periodically the residual content of oxygen from air and make sure that its concentration does not exceed 50 ppmv at plasma area.


5. An Electrical Cabinet containing all Process Logical Controllers (PLC’)s and Communication Interfaces allowing each machine to operate individually and the communication between them.


6. A Man Machine Interface (MMI) or a Supervision enable operator to remotely operate the Plasma Station and its ancillary equipment in a perfect coordination without any human involvement other than loading/unloading the film reels.


7. Real time process data acquisition such as gas flow rates, injected energy density etc. enable detecting any operation defects and securing production.

Plasma Station and all ancillary equipment are entirely conceived by NORCOP and are easy to scale to your production needs by properly selecting electrode(s) width and configuration, speed and process parameters (gas mixtures, flow rates, liquid precursors etc.) so that you can perform ATOMIC GRAFFTING , MOLECULAR COATING or both (see more at Technology section).

Our automation architecture is reliable, flexible and secured. It results from numerous Functional, Risk and Operability Analyses (AMDEC, HASOP) performed by our teems in accordance with the highest safety criteria of production in industry.


Audit – Consulting

1. We assist our prospects and customers with audit and consulting missions conceived as Assistance to Innovation.

They concern an objective analysis of the company needs in terms of modernization of Surface Treatment, Primer Coating for adhesion, Functional Coating sectors, aiming to confer specific characteristics to surfaces and interfaces of the materials used for manufacturing commercial goods. Most often, these properties are wetting, adhesion, release, barriers to gases and water vapor, anti-fog or antistatic behavior.

2. The proposal of NORCOP consists on introducing ATOMIC GRAFTING
and MOLECULAR COATING, a novel technology based on Atmospheric Pressure Controlled Atmosphere Plasma (AP-CAP) and Atmospheric Pressure-Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (AP-PECVD).


This technology leads to products with surfaces of same of higher quality than standard surface treatment or wet coating processes which possess the following additional advantages:


o Absence of organic pollutants (like solvents) generating VOCs, all chemical reactions taking place in the gas phase. Our “solvent” is Nitrogen, a gas molecule which is part of surrounding air at 79% level. After use, Nitrogen is restituted to theatmosphere.


o Total Absence of Heat because there is no need to eliminate organic solvents or water. The manufactured productsexhibit an extremely low Carbon foot-print.


o Minimization of raw materials: lower than a monolayer for ATOMIC GRAFTING and a few nanometer thickness (10-30nm) for MOLECULAR COATING, the shift from 1 µm obtained with standard wet coating to 10 nm obtained with MOLECULAR COATING , corresponds to 100 times mass reduction of a raw material.


o Our technology will permit our clients to enter the environmentally friendly production era.

o Our technology contributes at tremendous economies in terms of raw materials savings, energy for heating savings and investment for collecting and burning organic solvents.

3. Every Audit or Consulting mission ends by issuing a report with diagnostics and proposal of an action plan.

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